1. Adjustable baseplate
    Adjustable foundation for a scaffolding system with screw threaded stand and adjustable nut.

  2. Diagonal
    Brace that improves stability between vertical or horizontal components.

  3. Standard
    Upright component that transfers the weight load on the work platforms to the scaffold base.

  4. Deck
    Scaffold platform that supports workers and/or building materials.

  5. Support Ledger
    Horizontal component that connects longitudinal standards.

  6. Toe board Upright barrier at the edge of the platform that prevents people slipping off.

  7. Guard rail
    Horizontal connecting element above the platform at both knee and hip height, serving as fall protection.


A stair tower is built on to the scaffolding construction. This safe, lightweight, aluminium staircase provides comfortable scaffolding access and consists of a deck foundation, 4 steel standards, aluminium stairs, guard rails and a resting platform.  
Assembly is carried out on outriggers in the same or opposite walking direction. The stair height varies between 1.00 and 2.00 m. Choose between 2 stair widths of 0.64 m and 1.03 m:

In a stair tower with standard-width scaffolding 2.57 x 2.07 m two aluminium platform stairs of 1.03 m fit side by side

Wide stairs allow people to pass one another

Stair towers must be anchored securely to wall structures and fitted with aluminium internal, external or central stair guard rails